Over the past few years, the interest in global warming and climate change has grown exponentially. People have realized that it is time to act in order to meet those challenges and to help mitigate climate change. Therefore, Heliopolis University takes initiatives by setting up carbon footprint center to identify sources of greenhouse gas emissions and to calculate the amount of such gases emitted due to the operation of the assessed corporate over one determined year. The carbon footprint serves to identify the environmental performance of a specific corporate as to greenhouse gas emissions, thus assessing its impact on climate change.


Carbon Footprint Center was set up by Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development (HU) and the Academy of Scientific Research and Technology. It was introduced to the Egyptian market in 2014 where we were active in carbon assessment and CO2 emission reduction projects.

Maximilian Abouleish

Center Manager


Maximilian Abouleish, originally born in Germany, started working at SEKEM Holding as Sustainable Development Project Manager. His main task was to write the yearly Report on Sustainable Development for SEKEM and to manage some other development projects like water efficient irrigation systems or renewable energy systems. His passion for sustainable agriculture was triggered during a 6-months period in the year of 2011/2012 where he joined the operational team at SEKEMs remote desert farm nearby Minya, Upper Egypt for SEKEM for Land Reclamation. Now, he is also involved in building up Heliopolis University for Sustainable Development where he is managing projects such as the Carbon Footprint Center.



Project Manager


Thoraya Seada was graduated in 2008 from the Egyptian Aviation Academy Mechanical Engineering Department (Aeronautical Engineer) . She had training in sustainability, CSR, carbon footprint and environmental services from Queen's University of Ireland, as well as training in the carbon footprint assessment and water footprint assessment in Heliopolis Academy

In 2009, she worked at Sekem Group as renewable energy engineer. Then in 2010, she worked in SOIL & MORE INTERNATIONAL as a project manager and carbon footprint consultant and in 2012 she worked at HU as a project manager in the sustainability development center.

carbon footprint center team egypt

Thoraya Seada

Dalia Abdou

Project Analyst


Dalia Abdou started her career life as a Planning and Quality Assurance internal auditor, and then she joined Sekem as a project manager in Business Development where she assisted in establishing the quality system of the group and managing different development projects like renewable energy systems. She participated in different eco-friendly projects like a clean development mechanism projects (CDM) producing compost from the waste preventing the production of CO2 to the atmosphere and generating carbon credits to be sold in international carbon stock market. She participated in calculation of carbon footprint for products, events and companies. She is now working as a project manager and data analyst in the Carbon Footprint Center.



Project Marketing


Naglaa Ahmed graduated from the faculty of commerce. She has been working in social & educational projects with an impact on different categories of the society, in addition to marketing and communication skills.  Her responsibilities beyond the marketing of the Carbon Footprint Center include applying sustainable development in different areas i.e renewable energy, CSR, social and networking.



Project PR & Business Development


Heba Askar holds a Bachelor degree of Economics and political Science, from Cairo University, 2003. She has been working in Sekem for 7 years as sustainable development specialist.  Her role in Sekem includes managing several research and development projects with the cooperation of different partners in the area of renewable energy, climate change, and Sustainable development. She also participates in the preparation of SEKEM annual report on sustainable development. Before joining Sekem, she has been working for 4 years in the area of business & economic development, Economic research, and project management.

Naglaa Ahmed

Heba Askar

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