Why Carbon Footprinting?

The goal is to identify sources of greenhouse gas emissions, and to calculate the amount of such gases emitted due to the operation of the assessed corporate over one determined year. The carbon footprint serves to identify the environmental performance of a specific corporate as to greenhouse gas emissions, thus assessing its impact on climate change.

The calculation results can be used in strategic and operative planning, constructing a climate policy, and environmental reporting and planning of cost savings.

In terms of technical side:

Corporate Social Responsibility Dimension

✓  To collect information needed in order to reduce greenhouse gas


✓  Saving operational costs

✓  Boost the marketing of the company and its products

✓  Promotes positive, environmentally conscious company image

✓  To increase the competitiveness of each company

✓  To respond to changing consumer expectations

✓  To raise the awareness of the voluntary sharing in the local community

✓  To demonstrate environmental and corporate social responsibility


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